im on the spectrum and i'm bipolar. there's more you can ask for.

my twitter is nsfw at times and i dont tag it. i censor explicit images though.

i have a dry sense of humor and i'm pretty blunt and stoic for the most part.

i'm rather avoidant and if i stop replying don't take it personally i'm just not great at talking to people.

i'm attention dependent and need my tweets liked; back reading / like spaming is fine.

i have bad word salad so a lot of what i say looks like nonsense.

i can't use neopronouns, please give me an auxillary if you have any.

i use the f and r slur sometimes. i can reclaim both.

warn for q-slur, and family/animal death

i have a kin list but i dont take it seriously, its just a fun cute thing for me. you can ask for it if you really want to know.

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